A Few Producer's and Director's Comments: 

"In his TV scripts Mr. Wright shows he is not afraid of drama on one side and on the other, he shows us a beautiful sense of humor – two great attributes."
Herb Roland, TV Drama Producer - JUDGE
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

"Richard was commissioned to write one script for the 24-part courtroom drama series - Verdict - produced for the Global Television Network. An excellently crafted script led to a second. Richard’s writing was consistently excellent and we soon learned to rely on his writing abilities and his seemingly endless dedication to the perfect script.  During production of the 24 dramatic episodes, Richard wrote by far the largest number of scripts – 11."
Jerry Appleton, President and Producer VERDICT
Global Equity Funding Limited.

"Mr. Wright, I wish to thank you for your radio drama scripts written for The Black Library produced and aired on West German Radio. The Debt as well as The Contract fit our format precisely and were very favorably received by our audience."
W. Schleifer, Producer – THE BLACK LIBRARY
Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln

"… Richard wrote 12 of 24 episodes of the medical TV drama series Emergency Room produced for CHCH TV. Richard’s writing was, as usual, excellent – full of compelling characters placed in fascinating story lines methodically dotted with plot twists."
Jerry Appleton, Executive Producer EMERGENCY ROOM
Venture Entertainment Ltd.

"J. Richard Wright has an unerring touch with all the elements of characterization, plot, dialogue and action, which he proved over and over again with the creation of the long series (20 parts) “The Investigation of Quentin Nickles” for CBC Radio. Tightly written with great audience appeal, these Victorian mystery plays were warmly enjoyed in both Canada and the U.S."
Barry Morgan, Producer –The Mystery Project
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation