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After having written and had produced and aired 52 of my TV and radio plays on national and international networks, I invite you to read The Plan, a supernatural thriller and love story available on major eBook sites.  My second fiction novel Torngat will also be available in the coming months. A few words about each:

The Plan book coverThe Plan—takes you from the jungles of Panama to small town and big city America, and finally to the hallowed halls of the Vatican where a secret enclave desperately fronts an ancient battle between good and evil. Betrayal, murder and forbidden love finally intertwine on the wild moors of the Outer Hebrides creating an outcome rendering eternal consequences for our hero, heroine and the world  (Click here for a free chapter).

The Plan is now available on Amazon click here to go to The Plan.

Torngat book cover
—will take you to the “Devil Mountains” of Labrador where a young geologist, guided by a beautiful and mysterious First Nations’ girl, searches for diamonds and instead, finds the truth about his missing father, a wild and tempestuous love affair and a reality that is literally out of this world.

Torngat is now available on Amazon click here to go to Torngat

So please join our characters in some high adventures and intrigue where their human passions, fears, courage and a desire to take the high road, lead ordinary people to extraordinary outcomes.

And, do contact me to let me know how you enjoy these first two novels. They were written for you.