About J. Richard Wright

In addition to authoring more than 2,000 articles on a variety of corporate topics and for a variety of industries, Richard has written more than 30 television scripts, and 22 radio plays, which were produced/aired in Canada, Germany and US markets.

Labrador, CanadaAs a boy living in a remote settlement in Labrador, Canada without TV reception; reading was of supreme importance to Richard.  He read his books over and over again.  From this, Richard's love of writing was born and a passion to entertain, inform and thrill his own readers.

As a young man, when Richard's father asked him what he wanted to do in life, he replied, "become a writer". "To write, you have to live", his father replied. So from Labrador Richard set out to explore the world. He worked as a salvage diver, treasure hunter, miner, seaman, hunting & fishing guide, trapper, radio announcer, statistician, market research analyst, editor and rock & roll band member. In addition, he also held a student pilot's license for a time.

Richard has a Canadian Coast Guard Operators’ certification, and a Radio Telephone Operator’s license (VHF). He also has current certifications from the National Association of Underwater Instructors, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, and the Association of Canadian Underwater Councils.


Richard's first novel – 'The Plan', a supernatural thriller, is available at Amazon.

His second novel - 'Torngat' is also available at Amazon.

He is working on two TV movies, The Sail of the Century and Village of Murder.

Richard has written for CBC Television, CBC Radio, Global Television, CHCH, Apogee Productions, Venture Entertainment, PIC Entertainment and Concept Equity Productions.

His TV work includes: The Great Detective, Judge, Verdict, Max Haines Crime Flashbacks and Emergency Room.

Venture Entertainment optioned his feature film script – The Boys of August.

Radio series included: Nightfall, Vanishing Point, the Black Library and The Investigations of Quentin Nickles (creator & author).


The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) nominated Richard for a Gemini Award for 'Writing in a Dramatic Series'. He is one of the few writers to have had two radio drama series 'Nickles' and 'Wings Over Labrador' in production at the CBC at the same time.

His 20-episode Inspector Nickles series has been sold to the USA, and there are plans to produce it on CDs and tapes for commercial sale.

He is a member in good standing with: the Writers Guild of Canada, Writers Guild of America (East & West), Writers Guild of Australia, Writers Guild of New Zealand, Writers Guild of Great Britain, and the Société des Auteurs, Recherchistes, Documentalistes et Compositeurs of France.


Richard holds an “Honours” diploma in Journalism (Print and Broadcast) from Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology, and has completed numerous IBM writing and editing courses delivered by IBM-sponsored journalism professors.

As an author he has been profiled in The Telegraph, TEMPO Magazine, the Economist & Sun, and, most recently, in Canadian Screenwriter Magazine.

Richard won a 'Charles Award' — IBM Communications Award for Writing.

Richard brings a unique blend of personal creativity and perception to both corporate and entertainment writings enabling audiences at all levels of comprehension to connect with his message and appreciate, understand and be entertained by his subject pieces.

He also provides writing services for major companies from across Canada and the United States.